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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Lunch to remember...

          We are having a rain day. No 60 mile an hour winds...no torrential downpours...no dangerous lightning strikes...no tornado warnings...just rain! We needed this...all of my plants needed this, the grass needed this, my herbs and my fairy garden, the seedlings that are coming up and the things I transplanted...all needed this! Do you know what I DIDN'T need?? The electricity to go out while there were still quite a few tables eating their lunch!! When we called the electric company, their explanation was a fire???!!! I'm still not sure of the details. I just know that a whole bunch of our customers are real troopers...they kept right on eating and talking like nothing out of the ordinary was happening!!! When I called the electric company the recording said the estimated time for it to be fixed was about 2 hours from when I made the call...luckily they were wrong and it came back on a few minutes after I hung up...but it was probably out at least half an hour! Lunch in the dark...now that is a lunch to remember!!!!

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