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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New things for baby...

    A little while ago I ordered some new merchandise. There's nothing new there...but some of the companies I ordered from were new. I asked for it to be delivered this month so that I had some fresh, new things to make the gift shop look good. We are kind of between seasons...almost past summer (you have most of what you need by this time...) and not at all up to fall (although some came in today...all priced and ready to go!!) So I was looking for some "different" things! One of my reps has a company that has some of the cutest things for babies...so I ordered some of the line. It came in today and it is SO cute!! There are birthday crowns that say first birthday on them...and bibs and socks for the birthday boy or girl, too! They have this big, plastic bottle with 18 "pages" inside...you write things, on one page, each birthday...when your baby turns 18 they can read all about themselves! What a great shower gift!! Then there are bibs and hats that make the baby look like a snowman when they are wearing them!!! and hats and blankets for the Holidays, too!!! I also got some of their toys and booties with rattles in the toes, when the baby kicks their feet they rattle!!! That took up most of my late morning...I had to find a place for all of it. It looks good, and I am pleased with the quality and design of everything...I'm interested to see what the reaction will be to all of it! Hopefully, everyone likes it as much as I do!!!

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