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Friday, June 4, 2010

Proud to be a collector....

I had an interesting conversation, yesterday, with a couple of my customers about collecting. We got into the conversation because of the Byers' Choice Carolers...they know someone who has a very large collection and shares it( along with the rest of their Christmas decorations) every Christmas with an open house for charity. The lady I was talking to said she wasn't a collector...but I believe everyone is a collector!!! The definition of a collection is a group of three things...that's all, just three!!! Maybe your collection isn't a typical one. Maybe you don't collect salt and pepper shakers or milkglass...but SOMETHING gets you!! Cookbooks, jewelry, shoes, purses, plants or the latest gardening tools, fun kitchen gadgets, Beautiful Christmas decorations, Fantastic Halloween Collectibles....maybe you can't walk away from themed serving pieces for parties, or the new people magazine....the bottom line is we all have something that we love and that makes us happy. What's wrong with that??? If your collections make your garden the envy of the neighborhood, your house look like a museum, your kitchen the heart of your home, or you look great....and that makes you happy...be a collector, and do it proudly! It's all part of who you are, and that's something to be proud of...go collect today!!!

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