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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Some more tarts...

       I made another batch of tarts, this morning...I was afraid of running out! There was such a response, on facebook, that I was sure I was going to disappoint too many people!!! We sold out...but I did my best! We picked the berry bushes clean...it will take a couple of days for more to ripen. I might just make some plain blueberry while we wait!!! Those darn chocolate chip cookies sold out in record time, again, too!! They love all of our "big" cookies...but the chocolate chip are the winners (most of the time...) It's almost Friday again, already. Thinking about the menu for tomorrow night! Friday nights have really become very popular...so have Sunday nights and I have the extra pressure of Father's Day weekend....hopefully, the menus start coming to me, so I can think about other things!! I'm going to play with some other new recipes I found, tomorrow...I'm focusing on Ice Box pies...they don't have to be baked and are very summer-y...it's supposed to be hot as *&%$ again this weekend...but you would never guess that, tonight...it's very breezy and kind of chilly! This has been a very strange Spring!!!

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