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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Time goes so fast....

           We have a Mother and daughter who come in for lunch, every year, on the last day of school. They have been doing this since the daughter started school...she was a freshman this year!! At one point I looked out into the dining room, in between finishing my orders, and saw them! I had just been wondering when I would see them, and there they were! I went out and asked her how old she was now...and her Mom said "we only have 3 more years to do this! Boy does it go fast! My own youngest turns 23 today...she was 7 when we opened the shop!! We have seen so many kids grow up, graduate, get married...15 years in business is quite an accomplishment...and being a part (important part in some cases) of SO MANY families is awesome, and a real plus!! We are about to start our 16th year in business...so many new "sweet memories" await!! Happy Birthday Allyssa!!!!!!!!!!

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