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Saturday, July 31, 2010

The big day...revealed!!!

I've decided that August 16th is the big day!! I'm going to turn the front room of the upstairs gift shop at Sweet memories into the Halloween lovers dream!! We got 3 huge boxes in, yesterday afternoon, and spent the better part of this afternoon pricing everything...if we add in everything else that has already come in, I think the 16th is a realistic goal! We tried to take pictures...the teaser pictures...as we priced. We'll get some on here tomorrow...great stuff, again!!! I'm still waiting for other things, too...so it might be a work in progress! You will want to come in often...or miss out! (You DON'T want to do that!!) I am pretty sure the Halloween Byers' Choice will be in this week, too! I may have Fall and Halloween on the brain...but I always think there is a difference in the air once we hit August...even the early morning light is different. I'm not saying it won't still get hot (although I hope we don't have anything like this last month...) it just seems different to me!! Anyone agree??? Well, all of my Fall Fanatics...now you have a date...circle Tuesday, August 17th on your calendars!! The calendars might say "August" but you'll know where to find October!!!

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