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Saturday, July 10, 2010

The burlap curtain pictures, as promised!

This is a picture of the inside of our pool house. These are the burlap curtains I made on one of our vacation days...when it was ridiculously hot!! They look good and are working out very nicely!! That is the only "bare spot" in the landscaping around the pool. One of our pine trees grew a little funny and the bottom is sparse...this was a great solution!! I promised pictures of this project...took them, but needed to charge the camera before I could get them on here... I've had a crazy, short, week back, so far...and didn't know what else to blog about...We did, finally, have some rain today...thank goodness...hopefully the extreme heat will give us a break!! If it does, this is where you'll find me...I'm in the middle of Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban...I re-read all of the Harry Potter series every summer! This is my reading spot of choice...unless it;s 100 degrees....then, not so much!!!!

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