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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Candy cane time!!!

Sometimes it's hard to live in the moment when you are in retail!! We had such a mixed bag of orders come in this week. Halloween and Christmas...and a little "everyday" too. Add in the 90 plus heat and the lovely humidity...it makes for a very strange, almost surreal, existence! I have had most of my Fall, Halloween and Christmas orders in for months. I will usually do a little last minute fine tuning..just to add a little "extra"...but the "important" stuff needs to be ordered early, or you risk a lot of sold out merchandise! While the merchandise orders are in very early...the gourmet foods for our "gourmet market" are done later in the Summer. The candy, however, for our Candy Shop, needs to be done when my brain is screaming " it's too hot to be picking out candy cane flavors!!!"...which, of course, is now!!! I know, from experience, that the candy canes are one of our big sellers...and I, also, know the filled candy canes are the BEST (we get them from a company that makes them all by hand...) unfortunately, in this heat, I can't remember which of the filled flavors are the favorites...so I'm cheating, a little, and asking for opinions on facebook. Please feel free to leave your comments and opinions...Chocolate filled cherry...chocolate filled raspberry...chocolate filled peppermint...or cream filled cinnamon...i know it's a dirty job, but I shouldn't have all the fun!!!!

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