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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cool thoughts and fun events...

This heat we are having is the pits!! I don't remember wanting to see the end of summer...in July...ever!!! Well, my herbs are happy!! They are the only thing that's happy....but what can you do?? Look forward to Fall (probably more than ever!!!) I am trying to schedule my classes, right now. I am, about, 90% sure of the dates and the topics...I just need to cross examine my schedule and make sure there are no conflicts! Once I am sure, I will let everyone know...I know you are all waiting, patiently! I am, also, thinking of some other events that I'd like to have this Fall and Holiday season...It is all in the "thought" stage, right now. I'll let you know if and when it gets to the "reality" stage...the things I have in my head would be a lot of fun! I would love to do a real, old-fashioned Halloween celebration and a cozy, homemade Christmas "shin-dig"...we'll see if I can get it together!! In the meantime...it's helping to keep "cooler" thoughts in my head...Pumpkins, witches, ghosts, trick-or-treating...Christmas cookies, gingerbread houses, snowflakes, ornaments...see...it works!! Maybe just for a little while, but we'll take what we can get...right???

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