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Monday, July 12, 2010

Garden work....time to tame the jungle!!

We just got home from working in the garden at the shop! There are plants in there that I don't want...unfortunately, they are there to stay!! Take my advice...don't plant mint or lemon balm in the ground! Also beware of black eyed susan...which I love, but it comes up everywhere!! Plant it somewhere where it can naturalize, and won't take over! Every Spring I think I can live with these plants in harmony. I rip out quite a bit, knowing that I'll never get it all....but I tell myself that that's OK, and try to work around it. Then, every Summer, (around this time..) I walk around outside and realize that I can't live with it, after all, and get in the mood to start over...and we start to pull, and prune and, ultimately, replant with more cooperative plants!!! Then, like magic...(well, no...no magic...work and sweat...) it's a new garden that looks awesome! I am much happier...(and, consequently, so is everyone else..) and I can think about something else, for a little while (or until next Spring!!!!) ...actually, I think I'm going to get the urge to do this a little earlier, next year. Maybe, then, the garden club will decide our garden is as charming as everyone else thinks it is...and we won't be over-looked, yet again!!! I'll take the camera to work, tomorrow and get some pictures...it really DOES look good...now, out to my gardens here at home!!!

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