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Monday, July 19, 2010

Just for Baby...

If you have (or are going to have) a little one in your life...you need to come in and check out this new line! It is really cute and unique...two very important criteria when I order merchandise! My Grandson will be 5 months old on Saturday....unbelievable!!! I am finding myself taking more of an interest in things for baby! Don't misunderstand...we are all about "Sweet Memories" and they don't get any sweeter than babies! I have always been drawn to adorable ornaments for Christmas, I love books, coloring books and stickers...IF they're unique... and, no matter how determined I am to resist the temptation, I ALWAYS wind up ordering stuffed animals (they look at you with these eyes...) but this line is really different for us...and just adorable!! Some of the things would just be perfect for a shower gift, and there are some things for the Holidays,too! If a first birthday is on the horizon...make sure to get in and see this stuff, first...there is a bib that has a birthday cupcake on it and a CROWN!!! A not to be missed photo opportunity, right there!!! It all goes by SO fast...we need to make the most of it, while we can!!! Fellow "MomMom"s out there...are you with me???

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  1. Cute stuff! I'd love to see some organic or BPA/Phthalate/PVC-free things... they don't carry much in the "big-box" stores - that's unique and safe!