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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nesters Unite!!!

Are you a nester??? Do you love to decorate and re-decorate your home? Do you collect and love to poke around in little shops? Do you go antiquing?? Do you get excited when the holidays are coming...and do you always look for new things to add to your decorations?? Are you crafty...or have an appreciation for people who are?? Do you consider yourself to be creative?? If you've answered yes to any of these questions...you are a nester!!! I know I am!! All of the merchandise I buy for the shop and all of the displays I create is part of my "nesting" just as much as the things I do in our home! I try to make it fun, easy and interesting for all of the other nesters out there!! When I buy candles to sell in the shop...I only buy the kind I would(and do) burn in my own home! I think Gooseberry Patch books are great...so we have them all! I am really picky about greeting cards, dish towels, garden decorations, soaps and lotions, kitchen gadgets...you get the idea!! There is a reason we are getting a reputation for Halloween and Christmas collectibles that brings people from far and wide...Holidays(all of them) are VERY important in MY home...so you can be sure to find lots of goodies at the shop!!! If you are a nester...be proud of it!! (...and come in and shop at Sweet Memories..we can help you add a feather or two!!!!!)

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