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Monday, July 5, 2010

Peach-y memories....

These are some of the baby peaches from one of the trees in our orchard. Hopefully they will show up in some wonderful dishes and baked goods at the shop...but we really need a little rain! I have some great "peach" memories...when my Grandparents bought the property that would, eventually, capture my MomMom's heart, and lure us to the Lehigh Valley (away from Bucks County..) there was a line of peach trees at the top of the hill. They were loaded with fruit that was, almost, ready to pick. My MomMom lived through the depression and grew up in an orphanage, after her mother died from the influenza outbreak. My PopPop was scottish, and she always said she had the scotch "thrift" too...but I think it came from going without, rather than from marriage!! Those, almost, ripe peaches called to her and she HAD to use them up! The house on this property was a weekend house...and for several of the weekends, that summer, we made peach jam!!! We had so much jam, we had it for breakfast, lunch and dinner...but it was awesome!!! When we are lucky enough to get a "crop" from our trees, I remember that summer!! I, however, am more likely going to make tarts, scones, cakes and sauce for Sunday brunch...but that jam is still one of the sweetest things you can do with homegrown peaches!! (maybe just a jar or two...come on rain!!!)

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