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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summertime...and the living's easy???

I, always, get in a "create" mood in the Summer. No, I didn't mean creative, although I guess it's that, too. I need to create things. Today, I made the burlap drapes for the poolhouse. It helped with some privacy issues...and they look cool!!! As I was sewing, with the hot, itchy burlap on my legs, I thought of all of the projects I've taken on in Summer's past. I sat there thinking "why do you do these things in the hottest part of the year?" It's not that I don't create all year long...it IS part of my job and life every day. However, this need goes way back, before Sweet Memories was born!! I learned to crotchet in the summer. I learned to cook and bake in the summer. I learned to quilt in the summer. I have hooked rugs, baked bread, made jam, hand painted all kinds of things, learned everything I know about gardening (no choice, there...) baked pies, made candles, one year we had a Christmas craft show in our house and we had to make all of the things we sold in, you guessed it, the summer! I just find it amusing that I can't take it easy...like you're supposed to in the summer...oh well! Now.....what can I do next???

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