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Thursday, July 8, 2010

What's for dinner???

         Our vacation was very nice, in spite of the ridiculous heat we are having...but it was really nice to get back to business, today. We were very busy...so I think everyone else was glad we were back, too!! It is a challenge to come back to a, completely, empty dessert case after a vacation break...but I like a challenge!! I called in an order, after lunch calmed down, for the newest batch of Gooseberry Patch cookbooks...if you've never looked at one...you should! I am a cookbook junkie. I "read" them like I read novels. I have a collection that numbers in the high 100's. I love the Gooseberry books and have all of them! These recipes are the kind that anyone can make...no special equipment (or training) no exotic ingredients. Just tried and true, made and served over and over, can't mess it up, sure to be a hit recipes. Most of them have been handed down in families for years! The Farmers Market favorites is pictured here...but the spinner is just out of view, upstairs in the "kitchen" of our gift shop, and it is full of lots of choices...come in and check them out...you were wondering what to make for dinner, anyway...right???

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