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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Writing recipes...not a lost art!!!

I needed to order gift certificates, and I just started to carry this line...so I called to place my order and added these great items, too! (You all know I can't resist anything with cupcakes on it!!!) The graphics in this line are really nice...and what great little hostess gifts! This is just a small sampling of the different designs. Every once in a while I "experiment" a little. I have a thing for terrific artwork...and I love notepads and greeting cards etc. But, I wasn't sure, in this age of blogging and facebook and everything at your fingertips...just a google away...if anyone would buy recipe cards! Well, I'm happy to say, they are a really good seller!!! The tradition of writing down recipes is, in fact, not lost!! I'm very happy about this! I have so many things, recipes and letters, that are in my grandmothers handwriting...they mean a lot to me! As convenient as it is to hop on the computer and find...everything...try to take some time to write things down, too! Someday, someone will be glad you did...and stop in to Sweet Memories for the recipe cards (and notecards, too!)They just got some in and they're awesome!!!!

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