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Monday, August 16, 2010

All ready...let the witching hour begin!!!

Well, let the magic begin!!! We spent the whole day ( 11 hours) completely re-doing the front room at the shop! The Halloween is in place and ready for all of my fanatics!!! All of the lights that were burned out have been fixed (even in the Byers' Choice room...) and most every other room had a little tweaking done, too! it's a can of worms just like every project...you want to get this done, but when you start, you realize that should get done, too, while you're at it etc. etc. It's a big project...but those are the most rewarding when they're all done!!! We still have some merchandise to get out...I'll need to work on the "kitchen" room and do a display for all of the tea towels and such...but that's no biggy! And, eventually the downstairs will need to get decorated...but that's not an all-day project either. And, let's not forget the amazing candy that will be arriving in a couple of weeks!!! We, also, have a few more great (although not huge) orders on their way....but the big part is done! I find it quite ironic that the day we pick to welcome the big Fall Holiday turns out to be HORRIBLE in the heat and humidity department....it's SO much easier to do this kind of job when it's a little cooler!!! Oh well...it still got done!! I am going to go crash...it was a long day! We are talking about a "me" day NEXT Monday...I think we deserve it!!!

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  1. BTW It looks wonderful! Makes me anxious for more :) All the hard work was worth while. I love halloween at Sweet Memories :)