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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cast A Spell...

I am going to go out on a limb here and say I am pretty sure everyone loves Fall!! I'm reasonably certain that the less than wonderful weather we have been having this summer is a contributing factor...but I don't remember ever hearing more people talk about how much they are looking forward to the Fall season than I've been hearing this year!!! I agree...it was supposed to be so much nicer, yesterday. It did, eventually, become less humid and there was a nice breeze later in the afternoon...but, when you spend your day in the kitchen with the ovens and stove...it's irrelevant. When the temperature drops at night...the air conditioners can do their thing and you start the day on the cool side...then the extra heat only drives the temperature up so far! When it is steamy overnight, the starting temperature of the building is already just comfortable...then you add in the extra heat and you are really uncomfortable most of the day! Luckily it doesn't seem to apply in the dining rooms...everybody seems to be happy...and that's, really, all that matters!! Enough complaining...there's nothing we can do about it, anyway!! Except...start to unveil the Fall merchandise!! It might be early...but sometimes you can convince yourself that it's right around the corner if you have great new Fall merchandise to look at...so here you go!!! The Byers' Choice Halloween collection is here and out on the floor...so if you are looking for a taste of Fall...come on in and take a look at these awesome pieces...hopefully they can "cast a spell" and do their "magic" and bring the Fall season a little faster!!!!

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