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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Could someone shed a little light???

We are in serious countdown mode now!! I was up in the store room trying to take another peek at the Halloween goodies so that I have a clear plan of attack on Monday morning!!! It would be awesome if the weather were like this...I'm not sure what they are calling for on Monday...but it will change 10 times anyway!!! We are heading out to locate some new light strands now. I would love for someone to explain why ALL of them go out at the same time!!! I have lights everywhere...in all of the rooms...in all of the displays...even on trees (where they belong!!) and every strand is either burned out or on the verge of burning out!!! In addition to the answer to that question...I would also love for someone to tell me WHY oh why don't I buy a little stash of the darn fool things at Christmas time when EVERY store has them!!! Some day...I will learn to make my life easier when possible...maybe even this year!!! If you guys could remind me to stock up on the little white Christmas lights sometime in November....that would be great!!!

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