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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A great Day!!!

So...all in all a very successful day off!! Weeded, weeded, weeded...watered, watered, watered...pruned, pruned, pruned...much better!!! Came in the house and unpacked, inspected and priced the big Christmas order...all is well, no damage! Some really cute things! I tend to gravitate towards items that are "treat" themed (cookies, candy etc.) or nature themed (birds, pinecones, berries, snowflakes..)everything in this order is really cute, different and priced right!! It was fun looking at Christmas things for a couple of hours...but my mind is on the Fall and Halloween job I have in front of me...so, I need to switch gears and focus!!! We had a very nice birthday dinner for my son...we cooked on the grill, but I made baked potatoes and went to the farmstand and bought some corn on the cob...then I made his favorite applesauce cake and a chocolate cake with buttercream icing (like my MomMom always made for my birthday)...a ton of food...but very nice!! He received his "old man" birthday cards (which should be expected when you have a 29th birthday...) and money and gift cards...for his golfing treats! However his sister is in the middle of a portrait of my grandson...she is an amazing talent! The whole thing is done in pencil...and looks just like him!! When it's done and framed it will be a gift to remember!! (I'll take a picture and post it on here...) An evening spent with all of them is a real treat...they are very amusing people!! No one can make me laugh like my husband and kids!! But...it is Tuesday...so off to work I go...the cakes are calling!!!!

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