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Sunday, August 8, 2010

I have the day off!!????

This was one very busy week!!! I would love to believe that my day off tomorrow will be relaxing and lazy...but it won't!!! My oldest is turning 29 tomorrow!! We are going to have a cookout to celebrate (which means I need to go buy some food...) and I still have a large Christmas order that needs to be unpacked, checked for damage, priced and then re-packed. I, also, would like to go over to the shop and make some important phone calls that I can't seem to get to when we're open...and I'd like to get the paper work done so that I don't need to do it on Tuesday!!! On top of all of that...I really need to get some yard work done (aka weeding and watering...) or that will get away from me, entirely!!!! We are coming up to that time of year when you can sit outside and enjoy the Fall color (if time allows...) and I will not be able to do that if everything looks like heck! So, it must be taken care of now...I can't sit and enjoy anything if all I see is work that should be done...I'm a great "jumper upper"!! I sit and try to relax and enjoy myself...but I see a weed...jump up...you see what I mean!! If I can keep the upper hand on the gardens there will be less jumping and more enjoying!! This is a picture of Matilda...one of several topiaries in the garden. I only got to plant her pouch this year...I never got to the greenhouse where I buy the miniatures that I use for her...but I love her anyway! I always say that she keeps an eye on things for me when I'm not home...but I think she and I will need to talk...because if she'd do a little weeding for me, too, I'd have less to do on my days "off"!!!!

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  1. Sounds like you need a secratary? But, I can understand some things are better done yourself. As for Matilda I think she needs a good talking too! Enjoy your son's special day and the family time that comes with it ;)