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Friday, August 20, 2010

It's Friday...already???

I need some new pictures...the camera battery is dead and I keep forgetting to bring it home to charge! I will see what I can do about that...sorry! I can't believe it's Friday! Yesterday was so busy, the whole thing is a blur...I had to come home and water, again, and after that there was no energy left to come up with something to write about!! We ripped the kitchen room apart with the intention of re-doing it with the fall and Halloween decorations...and then got so crazy busy...I had to leave it a mess for a couple of hours before I could get back to it!!! I hate that!! I think when you come to shop you want to be wow-ed...and a big mess doesn't do that!!! It's all fixed, now...some really cute "vintage" looking dessert plates in black and orange, CUTE candy jars for your "monsters" treats, great dish towels, table runners, napkins....cute, cute, cute!! I, also, ordered all of the Fall and Halloween Switchables and all of the Gooseberry Patch fall cookbooks (including the new one..) I LOVE the fall books from Gooseberry....It's really looking good up in the gift shops and everyone seems to be enjoying the new merchandise...I think the week has gone so fast because we were at the shop all day Monday...but it has been a productive one!! I will try to get some new pictures as soon as possible...Have a great Friday!!!

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