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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oh how I wish it would rain....

I was really hoping it would rain today!! The tree in this picture is a tulip poplar, it is so stressed, from the lack of rain, that it's leaves are turning yellow and falling!! (I was going to get a picture...but the battery is dead on the camera!!) It has happened before...but there are a lot of yellow leaves and quite a bit on the ground...it, actually, looks a little Fall-like out there right now!!! This tree has seen some other stress in it's life! We have lived in our house for 26 years. When we moved in the landscape was non-existent...there were a few "trash" trees (not worth having..) that we cut down. Everything else in the yard, we planted...including this tree. It was a sapling...about 4 foot tall and as big around as a broom stick. It came from my grandmother's woods. She dug it out for me and helped me plant it. At the time, we were heating the whole house with a wood stove (yes, I said the whole house...I do NOT miss it...at all!!) and my grandparents lived down the road from a woodworking place near Chalfont. The scraps were put out for the trash...but my grandfather would load boxes in the back of his stationwagon with this scrap pine and bring it up for us to use to keep the fire hot enough to "kick" the blower on (this is what distributed the heat through the house..)...one afternoon they came with a particularly large load and he backed the car up to the house to bring it inside....(wood is heavy...so the closer you can get to your final destination the better...) I came out of the house to help and yelled "Pop Pop you are parked on the tree!!!" My Mom Mom started yelling for him to pull the car forward...he had bent the tree completely over and then got out of the car!!! I was sure he had killed it!! It had a pretty bad scrape in the bark...but my husband "painted" it ( think band-aid ) and it healed...well, obviously...you can see how big it is!!! I really wish it would rain...I think this poor tree has been through enough!!!!

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