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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Passion and positive attitudes!!!

This is a passion flower...it is growing outside my backdoor, up the back porch railing. It is a very pretty vine and the flower is really different (and smells like grape juice!!)~~~ It takes a lot of passion to run a business. It's a lot of work and if you don't start each day with a positive attitude and passion for what you do...you are going to have a very long...probably problem riddled...day!! Sometimes things happen in our lives that can put a strain on the positive attitude...but we must carry on!! I've learned enough in life to know when to prune the problems...and I know how much happier I am when the problems are gone!!! I just wish they would stop sending up new shoots that need to be pruned again and again!! The best way to start a new day with the necessary positive attitude and passion is to go for a swim before work...and watch the rain clouds do their thing!!!! I think it's going to, actually, rain this morning....Yeah!!! I, also, think it's not going to be so stinking hot...Yeah, Yeah!!! So...it's off to work I go with a positive attitude and a passion in my heart...and a pile of pruned shoots thrown in the compost!!! You know what they say...you can choose your friends...enough said!!!

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