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Monday, August 2, 2010

Picnic Time!!!

How do you guys feel about picnics?? I grew up having them all the time! My MomMom loved to pack up some lunch and take off at a moments notice! She, also, loved to have all of the family over for picnics at her house...which were great occasions...but, I think the impromptu picnics on the go were the best! My grandparents loved car trips. They would just get in the car and drive...the idea being that you never knew what adventure was waiting around the next bend in the road! Of course, you never knew if there would be a restaurant around that bend, either...so "be prepared" was her motto!! She had a few "traveling picnic" essentials. Coolers and jugs (all vintage, of course!) and a few, well chosen baskets or bags. The jug was always full of her iced tea...that was a given...then there were assorted sandwiches, chips etc....but, really, it didn't matter! Anything always tastes good when you eat it on the tailgate of a stationwagon or a public picnic table you happen to find in your travels! We continued this tradition while the kids were young...sometimes with my grandparents...sometimes just us! I hope the kids remember those picnics as fun and exciting adventures...My son, the oldest, turns 29 in one week! He shared a birthday with his PopPop...and MomMom's birthday was 2 days before that! We miss them...and the picnic adventures!! We haven't made any plans for my son's birthday celebration, yet....we are all so busy, all of us with the shop and him with my grandson...but, I think, perhaps, it's picnic time!!

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