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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Spiced Wafers

We spend a lot of time looking at the calendar...I have to say, it's really a waste of time! There are other "real" ways to identify the seasons. I mean, we all know that Memorial Day is the beginning of summer...although the calendar says it's still a few weeks away! Just like we all know that Labor Day marks the end...and the springtime weather, usually, arrives before the calendar says it's time (and, of course, so does the winter weather!!!) I think the seasons, and the various holidays, are really about feelings and experiences...not so much the date on the wall. I don't know what your "triggers" are, but I think Spring is right around the corner when I see hyacinths in the store, and summer will be here any day when the pools open! Christmas is coming when I hear the first notes of Christmas music (my loving family will tell you that is the day before Halloween if I have my way...in my opinion all Christmas music is beautiful...(well, not that Grandma/reindeer one...) and we don't get to hear it nearly long enough...they beg to differ!) and my Fall "trigger" is spiced wafers! They were my Mom Mom's favorite cookies! She loved to dip them...in her coffee or even in water!!! After my grandfather passed she didn't spend a whole lot of time in the grocery store...so I always picked them up for her as soon as they came out! I even have an antique spiced wafer box in my kitchen!!You know what??? The spiced wafers have been in the store for a couple of weeks...and then, when I stopped at the store this morning, they were unloading the mums (I do think it is a little early, though...they will be past their prime by the time the cooler weather gets here...tempting, though!!!) and the cinnamon brooms and pinecones are right outside the door...(I think someone thought the smell was too much to have them inside!!) You can say what you want..you can say that you think it's too early for the Fall decorations or that you like to savor the summer for as long as you can...you can even bring back the heat...but Fall is on it's way...Mom Mom's spiced wafers told me so!!!

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  1. I thought of you and your Mom Mom myself a few weeks back when I saw the spiced wafers myself, show up on the grocery shelf. Like you said I know what the calander says but I also know what I feel. I say bring it on! Bring on the tidings of great joy and of thankfulness I will be ready. The mums showed up today at my other place of employment and it just brought some of those feelings you touched on today. We are blessed with many things, the people who have given us those memories and the things that keep those memories alive. I am thankful for them all, as well as what is to come in the months ahead. It is something to look forward too. I look forward to fall and all its glory :)