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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sweet treats are on their way....

There is no doubt in my mind...August has arrived!! In the world of retail, everyone is always concerned with "4th quarter". This refers to October, November and December, the 3 biggest months of the year in sales...usually. I must say, Sweet Memories marches to a different drummer. While those three months are certainly busy for us...we are very lucky, because we're busy all year. One of the reasons for that is because we have so many things going on! However, I still need to prepare for the upcoming ( well, they are upcoming to us, anyway..) Holidays. I have been placing Fall, Halloween and Christmas orders for months...orders for decorative and collectible merchandise...but I, also, need to focus on perishable merchandise aka jams, dips, baking mixes and of course the all important candy!!! So...my deadline for my 2 biggest "treat" orders was fast approaching! It was on my list of very important phone calls to make, yesterday afternoon! Then the UPS came and dropped 15 boxes of assorted everyday, Halloween and Christmas merchandise that needed to be sorted out...and I was in danger of missing my deadline! Then the phone rang!! I have amazing reps!!! Pam keeps me on schedule, that's for sure!! The good news, here, is that the goodies are all ordered!! The merchandise is all sorted out. Both of my consultations for upcoming showers are taken care of...all is well and right with the world!! I have some really cute things coming for this Holiday season...lollipops and chocolate Santas, amazing hot chocolate and candy stirrers, ribbon candy and candy canes...I know it's too early for you guys to be thinking about...but, thanks to another one of my amazing reps...it's one more thing I can NOT think about!!!

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