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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Thinking Fall....

Sugar, sugar, sugar....wow, what a week!! I baked and baked and just felt like I couldn't keep up!! I finally gave in to temptation and broke out the pumpkin!! Pumpkin cookies AND cupcakes...gone in a flash! I am not the only one ready for Fall!! I made apple dumplings and molasses spice cookies, too, for good measure...all gone!! I'm going to confess just how far I went....pumpkin french toast casserole for Brunch and roast turkey and stuffing for Sunday Supper...gone, gone, gone!!! I figure, at this point, if I THINK Fall, maybe it will help...it can't hurt!! I am heading out in the gardens, tomorrow morning (before it gets too HOT..) and, attempt, to re-claim some order, beauty (well...that was harsh...it's always beautiful...even when it's overgrown!) and control! I had, almost, decided to give in to a mum or two...just to make things look a little better, and a new flush of growth has kicked in! I don't understand how...it's been so dry and yucky...but now I can resist the temptation a little while longer!!! I went out and watered the garden at the shop, right before we served supper, and I have a whole new crop of borage coming up...it looks like Springtime! Weird!!! I don't know what I will discover here at home, tomorrow, but I need to tame things! I want to be able to relax next Monday (Labor Day...) and start to plan the Halloween decorating, both inside and outside, here at home...I can't do that knowing that the yard is in bad shape! We, also, owe ourselves some "me day" trips sometime soon...and the only way I can enjoy myself is if the work is done....so, for now, a good nights sleep is in order!! I have a lot to do, on my day "off"!!!!

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