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Thursday, August 26, 2010


I have had 3 meetings in 3 days with 3 different reps. I have picked out additional Fall, a little extra Christmas, some Valentine's Day and quite a bit of Easter...oh, and some garden stuff, too!! Even though all of this has made my head spin, I have picked out some great things...and I see a trend in my ordering, especially Christmas.How important are traditions in your family?? They rank pretty high in mine!! All of the major holidays have a whole list of things that are "must have" and "must do"...we even have traditions for lesser celebrations!I love the idea of doing the same things, every year, the comfort and safety of it as well as the fun!! I, also, love folklore...for example, bayberry candles...the folklore says that if you burn a bayberry candle down to the stub on Christmas Eve you will have good luck in the new year...I ordered them yesterday. I also love the advent candles...you burn a little each day, down to the next number, to help count down the days until Christmas...ordered! Re-stocked the pickles...you know, the ornament...it is hidden on the tree and the "finder" gets an extra gift on Christmas morning...on their way! I have a Santa sack coming in (and one going home!!!) to fill with presents that Santa left behind! My grandson won't be big enough to "get" it this year...but the important thing is for it to take on "tradition" status, ready for the years to come!! I have, also, ordered all kinds of things to make all of these occasions special for the little ones (including these CUTE bibs for Halloween...and wait until you see the ones for Easter!!) because they are the reason for the traditions to begin with!! I have some wonderful birthday merchandise coming, too! If you aren't big on tradition...start some this holiday season!! And if you're thinking that the family is getting bored, or the kids are getting too old to continue some of yours...try not doing them... (I was in some trouble last year...I know about these things!!) It doesn't matter what they are...just find some things that will be meaningful to your family...and create some Sweet memories!!Happy Christmas-Valentine's and Merry Hallow Easter everyone!!! I'm going to make a cup of tea and take some aspirin!!

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