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Friday, August 13, 2010

Witches, the good and the bad!!!

Today is Friday the 13th!!! As I prepare myself for the makeover in the gift shop (into the Halloween paradise!!) I find myself face to face with a whole lot of witches!!  SO, are you a good witch or a bad witch...I love that line from the Wizard of Oz...it's such a loaded question!!! I mean, we are all a little of both...right??? When you are in the "service" industry you need to be a good witch! Luckily, for us, this really isn't a problem! We have such great customers that are more like extended family!! People that have been coming in for years who are like sisters and brothers to me, new, young customers who are like nieces and nephews and some of our "regulars" treat my kids like adopted grandchildren!! It is a great way to spend the day...surrounded by people you care about and who care about you!!! Of course, there are moments when we are bad witches!! The kind you DON'T want to mess with!! For me, that goes hand in hand with injustices...and hurting my kids....I won't put up with either!!!( I'm a fair-minded, logical person the rest of the time...) I am just wondering...when are YOU the bad witch??? What sends you over the edge?? If you want to leave a comment...feel free!!! In the meantime...the witches, ghosts, trick-or-treaters and black cats are on their way....and looking forward to seeing you...(almost as much as you are looking forward to seeing them...almost!!!) Happy Friday the 13th to all of the witches out there...good or bad!!!

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  1. Being a bad witch can be brought on by many different situations that can occur in every day life, but I agree never get a mama bear mad, She will defend her young till her death. And only right she is. Mess with them and you get me! I try hard to find that good witch in myself as often as I can and tame that bad witch when she pops out on those occasions. I pride myself on being able to find the good in all. But just some time that control is foiled, and that bad witch just turns up. I tend to like being the good witch though, And I'll stick to adding to my collection of witches at halloween. Looking forward to finding that special one this year at Sweet Memories :)