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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Would you like a cup of Tea???

I am being shadowed...literally! I was approached by one of the grand-daughters of one of our "original" customers and asked if she could "shadow" me for a school project. She is interested in culinary arts. I have been "interviewed" for this same type of project many times...but this is my first "shadowing". Needless to say, I have been answering questions, and I've realized how much has changed!! I try to stay as connected as I can with all of our customers...this is not always easy! As I have mentioned, we've started our 16th year. Way back at the beginning, I knew every person that came through the door...who they knew...where they worked...when birthdays were around the corner! Now, I have many, many duties in a day and don't always get to talk to the customers. My daughters are the ones who know everyone...who they know...where they work...when the birthdays are around the corner! I don't remember why I named the business "Sweet Memories" (although I'm glad I did!!) and I don't know what my favorite thing to bake or cook is...I do know how very proud I am of our success, how very proud I am of the role that both my daughters and my husband play in that success, I know that we have amazing, loyal, wonderful people come through the doors every day and that we are very lucky to be as busy as we are! I feel as though we have made quite a few really good decisions and that we work really hard...but I'm thinking that, maybe, I need to take a little bit of time to enjoy what we've created...even though so much needs to get done, I think we all need to do that once in a while!!! Cup of tea, anyone???

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