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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"You should"....

There is a full moon. I don't know how much scientific evidence there is...but I have no doubt, whatsoever, that people are "special" during a full moon. This does not, only, apply to the day of...but several days before AND after! I know this because of the business I'm in. We have dealt with it all...(you know what? I shouldn't have said that, because when you think you've seen it all...surprise!!!) and I think we do a really good job, even with the most difficult of people! Don't misunderstand me, they are few and far between...most of our customers are awesome!! However, we do, occasionally, have situations...most of them seem to start with "you should." I don't really understand when it is OK to tell someone what they should do. As parents, it is our jobs to teach right from wrong and, now and again, give advice...but I don't think "you should" is appropriate, even with your kids! I don't have a crystal ball...so I can't see into the future! Therefore...telling someone what they "should do" sounds dangerous to me. I, also, don't have the ability to see, feel and experience things in the same way..."walk a mile in their shoes"..so why would I presume I knew what they "should do"?? Having said all of this...I get "you should" all the time!!! I should change my serving hours (all day I guess???) I should change the way I determine how much food to make (that way I'll have unlimited omelets...) I should have an answering machine...to tell my hours, and remind everyone that I don't, in fact, LIVE at my place of work, and that if you want to make a reservation you will have to call when we are in the building so that we can answer the phone in person!! I should take a VACATION...seriously?? Let me just take a moment...I can't change my serving times and serve all day. We make everything fresh...everyday. I don't know how things work in YOUR house....but cooking and baking all of that food takes time (so does cleaning it up!!) I have been determining the amount of food to cook for over 15 years...doing it the way I do means almost no waste...which means I don't have to raise prices!!! As for the answering machine... not going to happen! It would create FAR more problems than it would solve!!! I might be wrong...but I think, once you pass the 15 year mark, you are THE authority on YOUR business! I, personally, feel that "you should" get up, every morning, and give100% in everything you do....Work hard, do your best and worry about what YOU should be doing to make as many people happy as possible...I know I do!!!

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