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Saturday, September 25, 2010

The 25th...already??!!

It is the 25th...how did that happen?? I am pretty sure I JUST wished you a happy September...and, now, it is almost over!! Do you realize that in 3 months Christmas will be over!!! Oh my!! One thing at a time!! When you are in the kind of business we are in it can be VERY difficult to live for today....I mean, I have Christmas merchandise being stored all over my house and the shop, even as we speak!! I would like to enjoy THIS season as long as possible...not rush head first into the next one before I have even had a chance to buy pumpkins for the front porch!! However, as much as I would like to enjoy it...it sure goes FAST!!! It's like watching a movie in fast forward....I want to buy some apples and make cobbler so the house smells good, I want to sit down and watch "Hocus Pocus", I want to take a drive and look at the leaves changing, I want to make some chili and some homemade bread for dinner, I want to get the outside decorated and plant some daffodil bulbs, I want to see my grandson in his Halloween costume and carve some pumpkins!! Someone hit the button that makes time go at a normal speed, please, so I don't miss anything!! We are going to take a little day trip on Monday...get out and enjoy a taste of Fall...probably head into the Lancaster area. The following Monday we are heading down to Byers' Choice...I don't have enough "free time" as it is, so I don't want to go in the same direction two weeks in a row! I am starting to see a little color on the mountain behind the shop...maybe we'll get lucky and have some Fall color to admire! I think they are calling for rain, again. They have changed the weather forecast over and over!! I don't mind if it rains, though, we need it!! I am planning on finding some pumpkins and apples on this trip, too, so I'll be able to check several things off of my "Fall wish list" all at the same time!! Even on my days off...I'm STILL multi-tasking!!! Everyone..take some time and enjoy this season...it will be over before you know it!!

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