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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

All Done.....

Halloween has arrived!!!! Our house is all decorated and ready to go!! I LOVE this time of year! I have a HUGE collection....I have been collecting for years. I love things that are vintage...and things that look vintage. I love things that are handmade...and things that look handmade....I love witches and pumpkin head people and candy corn and trick-or-treaters and scarecrows and crows...I could go on and on!! I also love my husband and daughter for bringing all 22 big plastic totes downstairs from the attic!!! It really is a big job...the whole thing...there is no better, easier way to get this done. It is the same process for every holiday. All of the totes come downstairs. I unload all of them. Unwrap each piece, take everything out of it's box etc. and just put it somewhere. When I get to the "florals"(for this holiday...leaves, bittersweet, sunflowers,garland in fall colors etc.) I put them all over the living room floor~~where I can see them~~they are the "base" for every display. Once all of the totes are empty, they go back in the attic...and the house looks like a hurricane hit it!! Now the key, here, is to not let that bother you...or you get bogged down by the "overwhelmed" feeling and the creativity stops. The next step is to decide which room or display will have which theme....because then you can put things in their respective "areas" and have SOME rhyme or reason...then have at it. I only took a half hour break (where I actually sat down...this can only be done after several hours of steady work, because it takes that long to find a seat...every surface is covered with stuff!!!!) and I was done by 6:00-ish!! A record for sure!! I am usually still at it at 8:00 at night!!! I forgot the camera at the shop...so no pictures yet...but I will bring it home with me tonight and take a bunch!! I can't wait to share everything with all of you...Have a great day, and I'll see you back here later!!!

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