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Monday, September 13, 2010

A Challenge....

I have been talking (and planning and arranging and re-arranging and pricing and storing and...well, you get the picture..) for weeks, about the Fall and Halloween merchandise at the shop.Now...It's OUR turn!! Today is "pack away Summer" day! We used to do this all in one day (pack everything up...clean, clean, clean... bring all of the stuff down from the attic...decorate, decorate, decorate)...but, I decided, it was going to kill us!!! I have talked, before, about how big a deal the Holidays are in our house. That, certainly, refers to Christmas....but, also, to Halloween. I keep all of my "stuff" in big plastic totes..and we have close to 20! Yes, that's just the Halloween! We have that many for Christmas...and, probably, close to that number for my Winter, snow and snowmen that come out after Christmas. A few years ago, I said "enough"...this is a two-part job!!So, now, we take everything down, pack it all with great care, and get it back into the attic...then clean the whole house!! Then, the following week...the next Holiday comes out!  It has to wait until I am done at the shop...but still go up early enough so that we can enjoy it as long as possible!!! (It can be a scheduling issue!) So...today is dismantle and clean day....in preparation for next Monday...Decorate for Halloween Day!!! It, usually takes me an entire day to get my "displays" just right...I am, often, still at it at 8:00 at night...it's a big job...but one I look forward to ( except for that, inevitable, half hour of over-whelmed indecision that hits when I wonder why I do this....which, always, passes...and is followed by a spark of creativity, which inspires me to continue...) So...I'm off to pack, dust, vacuum, scrub and mop...followed by the lighting of candles (because they make everything cozy and smelling great...which helps me deal with the emptiness after all of my cherished Summer collectibles are packed away...) It will be an exhausting, but productive, "day off". I think, this year, with all of my facebook and blog followers...we might have to have a little friendly decoration competition...All of you self-proclaimed "Halloween Queens"~~~A picture speaks a thousand words...I'll show you mine....will you dare to show yours????

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