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Thursday, September 9, 2010

The first Fall class....

Our first class of the Fall schedule is less than a week away!!! The first class is "Farmer's Market" recipes...using the bounty found at the farmer's market. I like to make these classes well rounded. I like to incorporate a lot of techniques and methods and give lots of opportunity for questions and discussions. You are given a recipe hand-out to follow  while I go through each recipe. The food is cooked (or baked) during the class and then, at the end, everyone gets to eat everything we made!! So, obviously, I don't want to make all salads, or main courses...I try to do a whole menu...salad, soup, sides, main courses and the all important dessert! I have had it in my head, for the last week or so, that I need to come up with desserts that use vegetables (because it's farmer's market)...but not the usual carrot cake or zucchini bread, something different, something unique.I have, really, been thinking about this a lot!!! Then, all of a sudden, last night...I realized that you can buy fruit at the farmer's market, too!!! I can make fruit desserts...duh!!! It pays to have an occasional, quiet moment...one where your mind can rest...so you can think clearly!!! I think I need some more of those...maybe a lot more of those!!! I don't have a problem with pressure (If I did we would not have made it to the end of our first year, let alone be in our 16th!!!) but I think a break now and then is a good idea!!! So...needless to say...I am now on a different path....and trying to narrow down the options for next week! Whatever I wind up teaching, it will be a fun class...they ALWAYS are....now, should I make chowder...roast the potatoes...we need some herbs in there somewhere...(so much for the break!!!)

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