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Friday, September 10, 2010

The first pumpkin.....

I am exhausted!! This was a long, crazy day...I baked and baked and baked...and you would never know it looking in the bakery case... it is full of empty plates!! Which makes me very happy!! If I did all of this work just to watch it get stale and then throw it all away...that would be awful!! The more empty plates there are the happier I am!! The more happy people we have walk out the door, either full, or with boxes full of goodies, the better!! You know what else makes me happy?? This is my first pumpkin purchase of the season!!! I walked into the grocery store this morning...and there it was!! So...now it's official!! It's Fall!!! I love pumpkins. I buy way more than I need to every year...(we always stop at a few farm stands) and I try to buy unusual ones. I always buy the traditional kind too...I love them all! I put them all over the front porch at home...up the steps...mixed with mums. It just makes me happy! I wanted to share my moment with you all...but, now, I'm going to bed...because I have to get up, bright and early and fill those empty plates!!! Sweet "pumpkin" dreams, blogland!!!

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