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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happiness is a fleeting thing...

I started the day a little tired...but not too bad, really, considering all that I accomplished yesterday! I walked around this morning and looked at all of my well loved collection...so happy that the Fall season is here and that the house is all ready (well...the inside, anyway!) happy to be living with these things I love day after day...and then, as I'm getting ready to walk out the door and head to work, my phone rings and my husband asks me where the insurance information, for the shop, is. NOT a good question!!! Happiness level....0!!! In that crazy wind, yesterday, one of the trees in the parking lot went down. Long story...don't have the energy to tell! It, actually, could have been a whole lot worse...no one hurt, VERY minimal damage...and very good thing it happened on a Monday when none of our cars were in the lot!!! I thought my Halloween collection was making me happy, this morning...it was THRILLING to come home to at the end of today!!! Tomorrow is a new day...thank God!!!

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