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Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Friday....

I am gearing up for my Halloween decorating marathon on Monday...I really want to switch it around so it's completely different from last year! I have had to look at my "blank canvas" all week (which I don't like...) and I am trying to get some visions in my head so that I can jump right in Monday morning!! I would love to skip the overwhelmed moments, this year, and just have the fun, creative moments...we'll see!! Yesterday was one crazy-busy day at Sweet Memories! I had a morning visit from my son and grandson...and then had to play catch up the rest of the day!! It might throw the schedule off...but, WOW....is it good for the soul!!! Schedules can be changed...but they are only little for a very little time!!! I ordered these Halloween bibs(...SO cute!!) and kept one for him...we chose to give him the one that says "little devil" because he does this little half smile that makes him look like he's up to something!!! It is the cutest thing!! We got some more of the gourmet food in yesterday, too...now we are stocked with the soups that everyone LOVES...and all of the cheeseball mixes (also a best seller...) are stocked, too! I am only waiting for one more food order...don't know what the hold-up is...but I am glad I changed the order last minute...I decided to order more general, hearty, Fall-like things and not order the Halloween-specific things...at this rate I won't get the order UNTIL Halloween...moral of the story...always go with your gut!!! I got a phone call at the end of the day, they are having the Retailers event at Byers' Choice on October 4...I don't know what goodies await...but all of you Byers' collectors...stay tuned!!! We make a day of it...all of us "ladies" (my husband is great about all of the duties involved in shop ownership...but, occasionally, is more than happy to let me go it alone!!) hop in the car and tour Bucks County...go into other shops, (and I try to buy things..help support the small business!!!) and whatever else strike our fancy, until it's time for our appointment at Byers'....always a fun Fall day!! I hope it's cool and crisp that day...it just adds to the fun! I'll be sure to blog about our adventures!! I am off to work...Happy Friday!!!

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