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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy September...

Today was the opposite of yesterday!!! We had some wonderful people...some who have been coming in forever...some we see all the time...some we haven't seen in a little while!! Everyone seemed to know everyone else, and if they didn't...they talked to one another like they did!! There was a lot of joking and laughing and storytelling (even from my health inspector!!) what a difference a day makes!!! Thank goodness!! New month, new day, new attitude! Don't misunderstand...it was just as crazy busy...just different!! We got some more new merchandise in...all of the Gooseberry Patch autumn cookbooks are now in stock! We got a little more Halloween...beautiful Fall dishtowels and dishcloths...and then, to round it all off...we got some Valentine's Day...yes, you read that correctly!!! It's OK...it's all under control!! I had another really nice compliment about the gift shop, today...(I think I'm giving the impression that I don't get many...that is not true...it's just that some of them strike me a certain way...) I was asked to never consider closing it...which I thought was really sweet. Lots of people tell me how much they enjoy shopping, upstairs, which I really appreciate! There is a lot of my heart and soul in that shop...but this comment just struck me...what a nice thing to say!! I am batting 1000!! So come on up the garden path and join in the family (and fun...) because we are going to do it all again, tomorrow!!! Happy September, everybody!!!

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  1. I must say, when that big tractor trailer rolled up and parked out front on Main Street your friends across the street were so glad it wasn't another home decor shipment for them ;)
    We're glad to hear that business is good. I know I'll be in soon for some sweet pumpkin treats!