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Monday, September 27, 2010

Home Again, Home Again....

We are home from our "me day" in Lancaster!!! It was awesome!! We saw pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins (including field after field waiting to be harvested..) some pretty fall color, Amish buggies everywhere...most of them with little ones inside....SO cute!!We, also, saw some really great decorating...and THE coolest scarecrow EVER!! The rain held out until about 2:00...so we didn't get drenched going into all of the shops...we got drenched, later, when we stopped to pick up some pumpkins at a farm stand! We did get pumpkins with great shapes and colors, though! We headed into Lititz first. I would like to go on record as saying that Lititz is a model business community...one that ALL other small towns should use as a "pattern" for their own design! They have the perfect mix of shops (ALL super creative and original....) A cohesive design and special functions and activities that ALL of the businesses can, and DO support!...They are, currently, advertising a chocolate function of some sort...which would make sense...Wilbur Chocolate Co. is in Lititz. Whatever this thing is, though, EVERY business was participating and advertising for it! Refreshing not to see the small town politics...just saying! Anyway...I must say...I was disappointed in the Halloween merchandise selection in all of the shops we were in...everything looked very sparse and picked over...Too early for that!! Maybe the Lancaster area doesn't have the Halloween fanatics that we have!! Not to toot my own horn...but Sweet Memories is THE place for ALL of your Fall and Halloween goodies...Next week we are heading into Bucks County to go to a special retailers event at Byers' Choice...we will check out what they have down there and I'll report back...but, in the meantime, you really need to come in and see us...do you know how lucky you are??? Tee Hee....no, seriously!!

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