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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Goodbye Summer...

I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing last (unofficial) day of summer!! You all know how I feel about this summer...so I say good riddance...We went to my niece's house in the Poconos. When you sit on her back deck you can see the ski trails, way off in the distance, at Blue Mountain. They just look like dirt roads in the off season...I said it won't be too long and they will be snow covered, again! (I got a bunch of groans...I'm looking forward to it, myself!!) It was picture perfect weather...it even started to get cool in the evening...and the food and company were wonderful...Goodbye Summer...(don't let the door hit you on the way out!!!) Anyway...today is back to business as usual. We did spend some time at the store, yesterday. My husband took care of a little maintenance work and I DID re-do those displays...it is so hard to do this stuff  when we are open, and I like things to look amazing....not a mess!! Now, today, in addition to my usual...I need to write up all of the gourmet food orders so I can place them and re-stock the "market" for Fall...I've been trying to get to it forever..and it is necessary!!! It, and the candy "shop" have turned into very popular places...I'm thrilled!!! I would love to expand both of those areas one of these days. We'll see...in the meantime, I just need to keep them stocked!! I moved the merchandise in this picture downstairs with the candy and food (yesterday's project..) believe it or not, there are still some people that don't realize we have an amazing, wonderful gift shop, upstairs (there are people that think we live up there, too...another blog, another time!!) I feel sorry for those people...they are missing a great experience...so I brought some of the "magic" downstairs...(you still need to go upstairs to get the full effect...) I am off to work to get started on my to-do list...Have a great "Fall" day!!!

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