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Saturday, September 18, 2010

L-O-N-G day!!!

So...when your day starts at 4:30 it is, officially, a LONG day!! I want to know if that means you can go to bed at 7:00 without being considered an old lady!!?? I don't do wedding cakes anymore. Period. However, if you order 7 different cakes, to be picked up at the same time, and they happen to be going to a wedding reception, and then eaten there...I think you've gotten around me!! Now, if they need to get picked up by 7:00 am...(so that I need to go into work at 4:30 in order for them to be ready at 7:00) by a very emotionally drained Mother of the bride...the reasons for the decision to no longer do this become crystal clear!! They were all ready, when promised...so, at least that part of her day went as planned!! I am sure it was a beautiful day, for everyone!! Sometimes we get so caught up in the "stuff" we forget all of the important parts of these wonderful celebrations...luckily, when we look back on the events, we manage to forget anything that didn't go exactly as planned!! (And, sometimes, those are the best parts!!) If we could only take things as they come and only worry about the big stuff...life would be a lot more fun!! Oh well...here's to the happy couple and to hoping that her parents had a great day, too!!! I....am going to bed!!!

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