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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Making the best of it....

Well, we needed the rain....but this is ridiculous. It just seems like we can't catch a break. It's funny how our moods are so connected to the weather.. we were all so sick of the heat and the dry conditions to the point of border line depression...the gardens we worked so hard to create just dried up right in front of us and the heat was so all-consuming that no one even wanted to leave the house (and the air-conditioning) We have had a little bit of nice weather, and everyone was in a good mood...now this flooding rain...WOW!! We will have cancellations and reservation changes, today, because no one wants to drive or come out in this weather! It will make everyone house-bound again...at least for a little while! Oh well...I will try to make the best of it and take the opportunity to bake. I think some pumpkin cutout cookies and maybe some kiefels...we, also, received the MIA order of magnets, yesterday....I need to find a place for the "spinner"...I am not a fan of "display units", I prefer to come up with my own, more creative and attractive, options...but these magnets are really funny and all need to go out so that you can read them...so I don't have a choice. I will try to come up with a spot that reduces the visibility of the spinner...I will figure something out! The class, last night, went well. It was a big class...originally, when we started these classes we tried to limit the number and only take 10-12, but, without fail, there would be last minute cancellations and I would have already put a ton of work into it...it started to get a little old...so we started to "over-book". It works. We will still get someone who decides not to come at the last minute...but I don't mind as much!! There is so much work and time and preparation involved in these classes...especially the gingerbread house classes. I bake and construct all of them, before-hand, so that they are dry and sturdy enough to handle all of the weight of the candy. When someone decides to pull out of one of those classes last minute...lets just say you don't want to be on that list!! Sometimes, you can't help it. I understand that...just like we can't do anything about the weather! So, with that in mind, I am off to work! Maybe the candle order I am waiting for will show up...nice and WET!!!

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