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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Porch decorations....

All of the gourmet foods are on their way...I even ordered some other stuff while I was at it!! Very productive day all around! I baked so many pumpkin goodies, today, I'm pretty sure I'll see pumpkin in my dreams!! It is going to be cooler, tomorrow, that means the porch will be a comfortable place to eat, again...although it was a happening place, today, and I thought it was still on the warm side!! Pretty soon it will be time to decorate the porch and yard for Halloween. I don't like to do it too early...but the right time is quickly approaching!! We have some really cool ideas for this year...and my husband has, already, started a project!! We are trying to decide what to do up on the porch. I think we might go a little spookier than we have in the past...still in the planning stages, though!! Last year, we had two scarecrow ladies who were lunching!! I can't tell you how many people were startled to realize they were not alive!!! My youngest daughter (who is an amazing artist....) painted faces on clay pots...they looked like they could talk to you!!! We have a scarecrow "thing" in town, and we decided to make our own, last year(They are done by non-profit groups...) My nieces and sister-in-law worked on them for a couple of hours...they were AWESOME!!! We didn't win...which is what it is...but the picture isn't even on the website!! I decided to decline this year!! I am not a fan of small town politics to begin with, but when it spills over into my Fall celebrations...you've crossed the line!!! No one messes with Fall!!! So, now, we are free to be as creative as we want...and no one has to carry those very heavy ladies inside every night and back outside every morning...it's going to be a great Halloween!!!

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