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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Relax...or try anyway...

This was one insane weekend!!! We decided not to serve Sunday Supper, tonight, because the front porch needs a coat of oil. It has been front and center on the to-do list since April...but it either rains or is so unbelievably hot...we just couldn't seem to get it done. So my husband is doing it as we speak...and supper was sacrificed for the cause! There have been so few "perfect" weather opportunities of late...we just had to take this one!! I feel better that it's getting done...it really needed it (and that new porch was expensive...but sure didn't look it!!!) This was one of those weekends (as any holiday weekend usually is...) where we seemed to have 100 things going all at once!! The restaurant was very busy, so was the gift shop...I had a ton of orders, a bridal shower on Saturday, tried to keep one step ahead of the bakery case and keep it full and we catered an off-premise party for 90 people!! I would say this was, in fact, LABOR Day weekend!!! I was thinking, today, about Labor Day celebrations from my youth...and I really don't remember doing anything specific. That is, actually, strange because my Grandmother was a holiday fanatic...all of them!! The only thing I can remember about this holiday is trying to squeeze that last little bit of summer in before school started...and always swimming...no matter what the temperature was!! We are going to a picnic at my niece's house...she always hosts Labor Day. My sister-in-law "does" Memorial Day and my other niece "does" The Fourth of July...we "do" Christmas morning breakfast for the whole family...so I guess we are next!!! I hope everyone has a great picnic to go to (ours is in the Poconos...almost a guarantee the weather will be cooler...and this year will be no exception...70's!!!) and has a safe and Happy Labor Day...I will, because my "laboring" is over (well, until Tuesday!!) I am going to RELAX...although, I WAS thinking about re-arranging this one display at the shop...(it's a sickness!!)

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