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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Summer...go away!!!

Fall has, officially, arrived! It just doesn't feel like it! Hot yesterday, hot today...hot and humid tomorrow!! Yuck!!! Summer...please go away!!! I have NEVER looked forward to the Fall season as much as I do this year!! I took a walk all around the shop before we closed up, yesterday...and I don't think it has ever looked better! We have the best merchandise selection, this year...the gourmet foods are all in and stocked, the candy shop is full of goodies...we still have to re-do the mantle in the dining room...(I have a vision...Just need the time...)and the front porch needs my husband's magic...hopefully this week! I have to do the front porch at home, too. All of these things are the "fun" parts, though, so I want to enjoy them...it needs to cool off! I refuse to put pumpkins and mums on the porch in almost 90 degree heat...I know Fall is a state of mind...but sweating is real!!! No thank you!!

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