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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tea...and the first class....

Well, some of the gourmet foods came in...everyone has been, patiently, waiting for the tea..TA DA! I ordered Caramel Apple and Hot Apple Cider Tea along with a bunch of other new flavors...and, of course, all the old favorites too! Hopefully the rest come in today!! I would like to stop thinking about this!!! We had our "From the Farmer's Market" class last night. I wanted to do something different, this year. We are having the pumpkin and apple classes because, well, it wouldn't be Fall without them...but I wanted to change things up a little with the others. The challenge with this one was to make food that used the "harvest bounty" without screaming "Summer"! I think we did it! We made a corn chowder, tomato-basil tart, zucchini cakes, red pepper muffins, gingerbread with sauteed pears and a peach cobbler. I think everyone was VERY full when they left!! Any of these recipes would work for the upcoming holidays or other entertaining obligations this Fall and Winter. I knew when I narrowed it down to this collection that it was going to be a timing issue...everything needed to get done at once and took, approximately, the same amount of time to cook or bake...hopefully the jumping around from one recipe to another and back again wasn't too confusing!! I didn't mix any of them up, at any point, that's a good thing!!! Now my brain has to switch gears for the next one..."Busy Day Meals"...I already have a few things in mind...I'm just going to try not to have them all need my attention at once!!

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