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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

To Market...

I think I have all of my gourmet food orders ready to go...I will try to call them in tomorrow! I really need to re-stock the "Market". I love this part of the store...I am a "foodie" (well I'd better be or I am in the wrong business!!!) so the gourmet foods intrigue me! Mustards, grille sauces, jams, dips...I find these things to be endlessly fascinating!! The possibilities when you have them on your pantry shelf!!! No excuse for boring meals!!! However, I am equally excited by the sight of FULL shelves...it's that nesting thing I talked about before!! Having jar after jar of wonderful goodies waiting in your pantry for that first shot of inclement winter weather...now THAT'S comfort food!! A well stocked pantry means you won't go hungry no matter how bad the weather gets...just add that absolutely necessary bread and milk and you have the makings of days worth of feasting!! All of your summer bounty canned and stored waiting to be enjoyed!! Of course we all know that the days of getting house bound are long gone...with snowplows on every truck and 4 wheel drive abundant...we are not, actually, going to need to live off of the bounty of our harvest (which, this year, is a good thing!!!!!) I  recommend that you treat yourself to something "gourmet" out of our market...we only carry the top of the line...and it makes a great gift, too (everybody eats!!)  Try some blueberry jam or a soup mix...maybe a sweet or savory cheeseball...how about a new kind of tea?? Who cares that this years garden was a disappointment...you can still eat "good"!!!

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