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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Apple Class....

The Apple Class, last night, was well attended!! The biggest one so far!! It was fun and we had some great recipes. We made a soup~zucchini-apple~ that would be a very nice addition to a Thanksgiving menu. We decided that the addition of leftover turkey would be really good, too! I also showed a recipe for a custard side dish with apples, leeks and cheddar cheese...another Thanksgiving possibility! Of course, all of the apple desserts have "The Holidays" written all over them!! I did a pumpkin pie bar for the pumpkin class and we did an apple pie bar last night...I told everyone not to mess around with a "real" pie...if you make bars, first of all they are easier...and then when everyone says "I would just like a sliver of each..." they can get a bar and you don't have to massacre your creation trying to cut "slivers"!!! Who says holiday cooking can't get a little easier?? This class was the last of the Fall schedule. Now we are on to gingerbread houses...next week AAAHHH!!!! It will be fine...once I start to unpack all of the amazing  new Christmas merchandise and get the shops, upstairs, all decorated, I will be in the mood for a little Christmas!! Today, however, I am off to work to bake witch fingers, broomsticks and mummy cookies...among MANY other things...The bakery has been CRAZY for weeks....I would say I dream of sugarplums...but it's really just sugar!! I blew through 40 pounds of flour, this week! When I start to make the gingerbread...it's going to be twice that...note to self...double the order for next week, and make sure to order a gallon of molasses!! 'Tis the season....and I love it!!!

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